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 Germany: Latest Pellet Price Report - Nov 03, 2023
[Nov. 6, 2023]

Berlin. Consumers in Germany are currently experiencing unexpected circumstances: despite the start of the heating season, costs have recently fallen. Experts advise consumers to make the most of the time and stock up on plenty of fuel for the winter. But what does the situation look like on the third day of November? We have taken a look at pellet prices and summarised the price trends of the last few days and months in a detailed analysis.

Pellet prices on 3 November: The current price per tonne of wood pellets

In contrast to gas, which most people obtain via the gas pipeline, pellets are delivered to your home. You therefore buy a large quantity at once - similar to heating oil or logs. It is therefore worthwhile for consumers to compare suppliers and prices in order to buy at the best possible time. The data in the following table is based on information from "Heizpellets24" and shows the pellet prices per tonne. The table is updated regularly.

Date Pellet prices per tonne
Pellet prices on 30 October 332.70 euros
Pellet prices on 31 October 332.18 euros
Pellet prices on 1 November 332.32 euros
Pellet prices on 2 November 332.19 euros
Pellet prices on 3 November 331.99 euros

Pellet prices have recently fallen slightly again: on 3 November, consumers paid €331.99 per tonne. This development is rather atypical for the current time of year. As a rule, prices rise at the beginning of the heating season and fall again in spring. In a long-term comparison, however, pellets are currently still expensive: until October 2021, the average price was around €200 per tonne. This low has not been reached since the energy crisis - instead, pellet prices have levelled off at between 300 and 400 euros.

Source: Heizpellets24