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 Germany prices for packaging wood keep falling
[Oct 27,  2023]

No inversion of trend in October , prices for packaging wood keep falling
In Germany, prices of all types of packaging wood saw month-on-month decreases in October. Once again, OSB for packaging was the product with the most marked decrease.

Germany: Business climate for hardwood sawers only slightly improved
For hardwood saws, the business climate recovered only slightly in October 2023 after the strong cooling in the previous month. The current situation was classified as bad by two thirds. The others found their current situation sufficient.

Downward trend in building permits in Germany
From January to August, a 28% year-on-year decrease was recorded in building permits for residential and non-residential buildings in Germany. The number of permits for single-family and two-family homes in particular fell sharply compared to 2022.

Sweden: Conifer timber prices rise again
Following the noticeable fall in Swedish coniferous timber prices in the first half of 2023, a marked reversal took place in the third quarter. Prices for spruce trunks increased by 7% compared to the previous quarter, pine trunks became 2% more expensive.