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 Exports of Russian lumber reached 14 million m3 in January-August 2023
[Oct 12,  2023]

Russian sawn timber exports from January to August 2023 amounted to more than 14 million cubic meters, Roslesinorg reports. The leader among Russian wood buyers is still China, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the supply ¨C 61.7%, or 8,804 million cubic meters. m worth 1.813 billion USD, up 2.7% over the same period last year.

Besides China, the top 5 importing countries also include Uzbekistan (1,388 million m3). m, +0.5%), Kazakhstan (0.627 million cubic meters, +13.3%), United Arab Emirates (0.370 million cubic meters, up 1.9 times) and Hong Kong (0.345 million cubic meters block, increased by 1.5 times). Deliveries of forest products to Tajikistan in the first eight months of 2023 increased by 22.4% to 321,200. m3, in Singapore there was a 14.7% decline due to the high base of the previous year, where supply doubled.

Despite the traditional summer slowdown in export momentum, 21 of the 51 countries buying wood from Russia recorded a year-on-year increase in wood export volumes. Exports of wood products to China increased the most ¡ª 231,000 cubic meters. m and the United Arab Emirates ¡ª equal to 176 thousand cubic meters. Mr. T¨¹rkiye increased the purchasing volume by 132 thousand cubic meters. m or 2.8 times and increased from 30th place to 12th place in the list of Russia¡¯s export partners with a volume of 204.4 thousand cubic meters. Grandfather.

Export volume to Hong Kong also increased significantly (+115,000 cubic meters). m), Iran (+89.8 thousand cubic meters), Kyrgyzstan (+74.1 thousand cubic meters), Kazakhstan (+73.8 thousand cubic meters). m cubic meters), Tajikistan (+58.7 thousand cubic meters), Georgia (+36.4 thousand cubic meters) m) and South Korea (+31.9 thousand cubic meters).

After last year¡¯s small batch wood trial, in early fall 2023, Lebanon increased its purchase volume to 26.3 thousand cubic meters. m, or almost 26 times. Also on the list of countries with increased wood supplies are Jordan, Israel, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Mongolia, India, Malaysia and Panama.

Syria has become a promising new market for Russian wood, where test batches of wooden products ranging from 40 to 150 cubic meters have been sent. m was submitted by six Russian manufacturers.

In the export structure of sawn timber, coniferous boards and beams account for the largest proportion, mainly pine and spruce; Pine wood is also in demand (93.4%, 13.3 million cubic meters). m). The proportion of softwood lumber products is 5.6% (802.3 thousand cubic meters), the proportion of oak, beech and ash products is 1% (146.7 thousand cubic meters). m).

Leading in bringing forest products abroad are Segezha Group, ULK Group, Titan Group, Luzales Group, Vologda Wood Industry Group, Terneyles Group, Lesresurs-Rusforest. Group of companies, Altailes Forestry Joint Stock Company, JV ¡°Arkaim¡± (JSC ¡°New Forest PRO¡±) and LHK ¡°Cherepovetsles¡±. The total number of wood exporting enterprises is 2,406, a total of more than 40,000 shipments have been shipped.

Most of the Russian timber products are exported in processed form, exports in round form for the first 8 months amounted to only 1.536 million cubic meters, of which 1.2 million cubic meters were shipped to China, mainly birch timber not demanded in Russia.

In total, wood products worth $3.7 billion were exported to China from January to August 2023, of which 41.2% were pulp and paper products ($1.529 billion) and wood only accounted for 148 million USD, equivalent to 4%.