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 Germany: Woodchip prices to fall in the third quarter of 2023
[Oct 9,  2023]


In Germany, wood chip prices have hardly changed in the third quarter of 2023. They have almost returned to the pre-war level. This is reported by the German Pellet Institute.

Woodchip prices in the third quarter of 2023

According to the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), supply and demand are ensuring stable prices. The interest in roundwood is rather slowed down by the sluggish construction industry. This would result in fewer low-quality by-products in the forest that can be processed into wood chips. Damage caused by bark beetles seems to be shifting further south from the northern low mountain ranges. The production of wood chips from infested wood is an effective forest protection measure with a double benefit: On the one hand, the spread of the beetle is slowed down and, on the other hand, fossil fuels such as oil and gas are replaced. Woodchips of quality class A2 for medium-sized heating systems cost an average of 26.72 euros per cubic metre net or 3.27 cents per kilowatt hour for a purchase quantity of 80 cubic metres.

DEPI advises buying woodchips with the ENplus seal, which guarantees uniform fuel quality and thus smooth and convenient low-emission heating operation.

The DEPI wood chip price explained in brief

DEPI collects wood chip prices on a quarterly basis. The survey period ends on the 15th of the third month of the current quarter. It refers to the net average price in Germany for a bulk cubic metre of the respective quality class. Quality class A1 is based on quality class ENplus A1 (water content 15 m-%, ash content 1.5 m-%, fines content 5 m-%). Quality class A2 corresponds to quality class ENplus A2 (water content 20-35 m-%, ash content 2.5 m-%, fine content 8 m-%) and quality class B corresponds to quality class ENplusB (water content 35 m-%, ash content 5 m-%, fine content 10 m-%)

Source: DEPI