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 Furniture Maker Haworth plan to invest $10 million in second India production factory
[Sep 22,  2023]


CHENNAI, India ¨C Office furniture giant Haworth plans to invest $10 million in a second India manufacturing plant, bringing its total space in the country to 113,000 square feet.

While Haworth¡¯s current India facility manufactures product for the domestic Indian market, the new and adjacent facility will export to other markets.

¡°The decision to expand our operations in Chennai stems from our commitment to meeting the growing demands of our customers and seizing new opportunities in the market,¡± said Henning Figge, president of Haworth International. ¡°The increasing demand for our products, coupled with the region¡¯s strategic significance as an industrial hub, makes Chennai the perfect location for our new factory. The manufacturing facility will play a pivotal role in crafting products destined for export to North America and Europe.¡±

According to The Hindu Business Line, the move marks a pivot in the company¡¯s plans, as last year it said it had no plans to export products, citing the ¡°huge¡± Indian market.

India is now the third-largest market for the office furniture maker, trailing the U.S. and France. China was recently surpassed by India.

¡°The new factory will significantly contribute towards production of collaborative products as also high-end ergonomic seatings including the development of an agile portfolio of products enabling us to serve a wider customer base and meet diverse market needs,¡± said Praveen Rawal, vice president of sales of Haworth APAC. ¡°This expansion aligns with our commitment to continue to deliver excellence across various sectors where we are eager to make a curious lasting impact.¡±

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com