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 Germany wood pellets prices remain stable in Q3 2023
[Sep 13,  2023]

In the third quarter of 2023, the price for cuboidal wood briquettes (press chamber presses) and cylindrical extruded briquettes (eccentric presses) are on a par at 521 euros/tonne. Cuboidal briquettes are compact and handy, also known as "call briquettes". With eccentric briquettes, the dry wood chips are pressed disc by disc into an endless briquette strand. This is then cut into uniform pieces in a handy format. These cylindrical briquettes swell slightly in the oven and burn evenly.

Due to the heat generated during the pressing process, extruded briquettes have a dark brown to black surface and often an octagonal cross-section. The high density enables a slow burn. The average price for extruder briquettes is currently 552 euros/t in Germany.

Compared to the previous quarters, the price trend is uneven, but all types of briquettes are significantly cheaper than a year ago. Prices fell by 33 to 40 per cent. "For wood briquettes, we also had a demand-driven price high in the summer of 2022, caused by the war in Ukraine," explains DEPI Managing Director Martin Bentele. "Therefore, now is a good time to order briquettes for the winter."

DEPI advises to pay attention to quality and reliability in delivery and not primarily to a short-term price advantage. Buying briquettes with the ENplus seal ensures uniform fuel quality and thus smooth and comfortable low-emission stove operation. Addresses of qualified ENplus briquette manufacturers can be found at www.enplus-briketts.de.

What all wood briquettes have in common is that, like pellets, they are made from natural chips from the wood-processing industry. They can be used in all individual furnaces suitable for logs and coal. Advantages are the consistently uniform properties such as low water content and high energy density, resulting in efficient combustion with very little ash and convenient handling. Class A1 premium briquettes have an ash content of less than 0.7 percent.

DEPI briquette price

The briquette price is determined quarterly by the German Pellet Institute (DEPI). It describes the average price (gross) in Germany for one tonne including delivery within a radius of up to 200 km for a purchase of 2 tonnes. A distinction is made according to the type of production or shape of the briquettes (cuboid, cylinder, extruder).
In the middle of each quarter, prices are requested from about 20 online shops located in Germany.

Source: DEPI