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 Finland Pulp and paper exports increased by 4% in the first half of the year
[Sep 8,  2023]

Exports of the forest industries in Finland:

- In the first half of the year the exports value of forest industry products totalled EUR 6.28 billion. Of the exports value the share of paperboard was 26%, pulp 23% and paper 20%. The share of sawn goods was 16% and plywood 5%.

- In the first half of the year, export values and volumes of wood-products industries fell. The volume of exports of sawn goods remained almost unchanged, but the value fell by a third as export prices fell. Plywood exports fell by 17%, but as prices rose, the value of exports fell by only 5%.

- Over the same period, the export value of the pulp and paper industries increased by 4%. Exports of bleached sulphate pulp increased by more than a third and the export value rose by almost the same proportion. For magazine paper and fine paper, higher export prices than in the first half of the previous year increased the export value more than the export volume. The export volume and value of paperboard was one fifth lower than in the previous year.