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 Swedish timber prices increased in Q2 2023
[Aug 29, 2023]

According to the reports of Swedish Forest Agency, Swedish roundwood prices on delivery timber increased for both sawlog and pulpwood during the Q2 2023 when compared with the Q1 2023. The sawlog price increased by 3% and pulpwood by almost 6%. Regionally, the greatest increase in sawlog prices was in Norra Norrland and Svealand with 1% while the prices in Götaland and Södra Norrland were unchanged.

Regarding pulpwood prices, the greatest increase was in Norra Norrland with an increase of 13%. The increase in Södra Norrland, Svealand and Götaland was 5%.

When comparing with the same quarter last year, the trend of increasing roundwood prices continues. Overall, sawlog prices increased by 9%. Regionally, the sawlog prices increased by 12% in Svealand while the prices in Norra and Södra Norrland and Götaland increased by 9%.

Pulpwood prices increased by 40% in comparison with the Q2 2022. The increase was greatest in Svealand with almost 55%, followed by Södra Norrland and Götaland with almost 46% and 33% respectively. In Norra Norrland the pulpwood price increased with 31%.

In addition, in the first half-year, Sweden exported 7.8 million m3 of softwood lumber, which corresponds to a year-on-year increase of 10%.