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TNT Acquires Sierra Forest Products
[Jul 12, 2023]

Sierra Forest Products, Terra Bella, Ca., has been acquired by Sierra Forest Products Holdings, Inc., a partnership of TNT Wholesalers’ owners, Dave Thomas and Greg Mitchell, and current Sierra Forest Products sales manager Seth Hokit.

TNT Wholesalers, Newport Beach, Ca., was founded by Thomas, who soon partnered with industry veteran Mitchell to create a premier resource for fellow wholesalers, lumber distributors, and end-users of industrial lumber products.

“This important step forward will ensure the continued success of TNT’s scalability,” said Thomas.

Mitchell added, “We are humbled and honored by the torch of Sierra Forest’s unparalleled reputation of quality softwood lumber products being passed on to us.”

Hokit’s experience in sawmill sales has earned him a reputation as a creative and talented lumberman. He has built his lumber career on the development and maintenance of business relationships. His insight and knowledge of the workings of the industry will allow Sierra Forest Products to continue being a market leader.

Sierra Forest Products president Kent Duysen will continue to be an integral part of Sierra Forest’s success and will remain on staff as a mentor and leader with the company. With his 46 years of industry experience, he will help to lead SFP into the future.

TNT’s wholesale distribution arm will be led by Greg Mitchell and his team of traders that include industry veterans with over 35 years of wholesale lumber trading.

Sierra Forest Products was established in 1967 and boasts over 300 acres of sawmill and forest land in Central California. SFP will now add 10 acres of lumber and plywood distribution. Pine commons, dimensional lumber, Industrial lumber will join with upper grades, various domestic and imported hardwoods, as well as a vast inventory of plywood and other panel products. Its centrally located site will allow statewide distribution for just-in-time buying clientele. With abilities to service throughout the Southwestern U.S. as well as Mexico, Sierra Forest Products’ reach will be greatly expanded. The sawmill will continue to produce dimensional lumber, pine commons, and industrial grades of softwoods.

Source:  Vistry Group