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Russian Sawn timber production  reached 11.5 million cubic meters from January to May 2023
[Jul 10, 2023]

The Russian Federal Statistical Service (Rosstat) has published information on the country's industrial production for January-May 2023. During the reporting period, the industrial production index increased by 101.8% compared with January-May 2022. In May, this figure was 99.7% of the figure for the same period in May 2022.

According to statistics for the first five months of 2023, the wood product production index is 87.5% of the same period in 2022. The production index of paper and its products is 97%.

As for the production of the most important product types in the wood and pulp industry, the specific data distribution is as follows:

Timber - 11.5 million cubic meters; Plywood - 1302 thousand cubic meters; Fiberboard - 248 million square meters; Particleboard - 4362 thousand cubic meters;

wood fuel pellets - 535,000 tons; cellulose - 3,603,000 tons;

Paper and board - 4.072 million tons; Corrugated packaging - 3.227 billion square meters; Paper wallpaper - 65 million pieces; Label products - 18.8 billion pieces

Wooden windows and frames - 115,000 square meters; Wooden doors and frames - 8.4 million square meters;

According to published data, Russian timber production in January-May 2023 fell by 10.1% year-on-year to 11.5 million cubic meters. Sawlog production also fell in May 2023: -5.4% YoY and -7.8% MoM.

In terms of timber sales, according to data from the St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange, in the past period of 2023, the trading volume of Russia's domestic timber and construction materials sector reached 2.001 million cubic meters. As of June 23, the exchange has signed more than 5,400 contracts with a total value of about 2.43 billion rubles.

Source: Rosstat