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Finland: Koskisen’s new wood processing unit starts operations
[Jul 06, 2023]

The sawn timber production of the wood products company Koskisen's new processing unit started as planned at the beginning of July. Production of the new unit will be ramped up gradually during the second half of the year, and full operating capacity will be reached in early 2024. The new unit will significantly improve the productivity of the Sawn Timber Industry starting next year.

"The new production line will increase sawmilling productivity by up to 40% and enable the use of smaller log diameter. This way, we will be able to serve our customers with new products and the wood raw material will be used even more precisely in end products that bind carbon for a long time," says Jukka Pahta, CEO of Koskisen.

The total investment in the new unit is approximately Euro 50 million in 2021–2024.

In the first phase of the investment, the unit's production capacity will increase from the current 300,000 m3 to 400,000 m3. In the second phase, it is possible to increase volumes up to 500,000 m3. In addition to increasing volumes, product quality is also improving.

When the sawmill starts up, the goal set for the first day is to saw 500 logs. The sawing line will run at low speeds and the volume will not be high, but the intention is to gain some kind of understanding of the sawmill’s capabilities overall. 

Koskisen is a Finnish company that was founded more than 100 years ago. Koskisen manufactures high-quality standard sawn timber as well as dimensioned and strength-graded sawn timber from spruce and pine. Koskisen further processes approximately 40% of the sawn timber it produces, mainly by planing and, to a lesser extent, painting. A significant part of the sawn timber and processed products is sold to markets outside Finland, especially Japan.

Source: koskisen.fi