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Italian furniture industry has a good start in 2023
[Jun 30, 2023]

A wood-furniture supply chain in robust health

2023 has started well for the Italian furniture industry, perhaps better than expected, although uncertainty (linked above all to the continuation of the war between Russia and Ukraine and its effects on energy and raw material costs, and therefore on margins) still remains a very strong factor.

2022 was a positive year for the furniture industry, which closed with a double-digit growth in the value of production of the entire wood-furniture sector (+12.7% over 2021), reaching a record figure of 57 billion euros (of which approximately 29 billion was for the furniture macro-system).

Exports by the individual wood-furniture sector, which accounts for 41% of total production, were already up 14% on 2021 as of 30th September 2022. The European furniture market, which together with the United States is the most relevant trade target for Italian production in the sector, grew to reach almost EUR 120 billion in 2022: Germany, the United Kingdom and France remain the countries with the most interesting values.

Wood-furniture companies in Triveneto are confirmed as being brilliant

The recent Report on the Italian Industrial Districts drawn up by Intesa San Paolo has revealed the dynamic growth of the furniture and home system sector in the provinces of Triveneto (+11.4% in Veneto and +19.5% in Friuli-Venezia Giulia), with the Pordenone Furniture District in the spotlight (it recorded an increase of Euro 253.6 million in the period January-September 2022, equal to an increase of 27.9%).

In Veneto, among the districts of the home system, the wood-furnishing district of Treviso showed the strongest growth (+13.0%) thanks to sales in the main European outlet markets (Germany, United Kingdom and France), in Korea and in the Middle East (Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

For Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Pordenone Furniture achieved the best results in the United States (+60%), the United Kingdom (+25%) and Spain (+67%); Poland was also in the spotlight, with a jump in sales that more than doubled those of the same period in 2021 (+126%).

Source: exposicam.it