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Germany: Pellet price stable in May

[May 26, 2023]

According to the German Pellet Institute (DEPI), wood pellets cost an average of €359.41/t in May.

The pellet price thus remains stable and is around 8% below the previous year's level in heat units, the price corresponds to 7.19 ct/kWh, slightly more than in April, when the mark was 7.02 ct/kWh.

With almost 19% for heating oil and 45% for natural gas, the price advantage of pellets over fossil fuels remains large. That is why now is the right time for consumers to fill up their pellet stores. Experience has shown that the price of pellets increases steadily from May until the peak of the heating season.

The online portal heizpellets24 de also notes a slight increase in the price of pellets. The average price for wood pellets is currently around €354/t. The low was reached in mid-April at just under €324/t.

Regional prices

In May 2023, DEPI determined the following regional differences in the price of pellets (sales of 6 t): In the south, the price of wood pellets is €354.85/t. In the central region, pellets are offered for an average of €356.37/t, in north/east Germany for €356.32/t.

Larger quantities (26 t) will be traded in May 2023 at the following conditions: South: 336.75 €/t, Central: 338.15 €/t, North/East: 337.06 €/t (all incl. VAT) .

Source:  wochenblatt-dlv.de