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The price of wood pellets is on the rise in Germany

[May 4, 2023]

Germany: The price of wood pellets showing an upward trend

After months of permanent declines, the market for wood pellets is now facing a price turnaround.

Already a few days ago, we reported an indicative soil formation, which now seems to be slowly turning into an upward trend. More and more retailers and producers are announcing further price increases. In Austria, the situation looks even more stable.

The main driver in this country is the stalling construction economy. Sawmills are increasingly complaining of declines in orders and thus the supply of sawdust, which is very important for the pellet market, is likely to decline further.

At 04.05.2023, the nationwide average price for loose wood pellets is 340.45€/ton. Thus, the pellet price has risen by a considerable 10.32 € compared to the previous week.

For bagged goods, the price per tonne is currently 396.66€/tonne. This means an increase of 13.35€, compared to the previous week.

Unfortunately, it looks like the months-long downward trend in the pellets market is now coming to an end and quotas are moving up again. This is happening a little earlier this year than before the energy crisis.

Should the construction economy continue to weaken, the supply of sawdust will also decrease and the risk of further rising pellet prices will increase considerately.

Source: holzpellets.net