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Timber prices are leveling off in Austria

[Mar 2, 2023]

After peak prices and an import ban on Russian wood in 2022, the Austrian wood market is calming down. Prices will settle at levels above 2019. This development is being closely observed in the timber district of Tennengau.

The price situation on the domestic wood market is currently experiencing an ups and downs after a high and an import freeze due to the war in the Ukraine. The increased prices in the industry have directly affected both wood processing companies (sawmills, construction industry, etc.) and the paper industry.

According to statistics, large newspaper groups in Austria need an estimated 60,000 tons of paper per year. The production is also very energy relevant. Gas prices drive up production costs.

Market calms down
The situation on the market seems to be stabilizing at the moment.

"The price peak has been passed. It will level off at a higher level than in 2020 and is expected to drop slightly in the second quarter," says Andreas Schnaitmann, owner of a timber transport company and chairman of the Tennengau Economic Association.

Due to the failure of supply chains, which also affects a partial dependence on Russia, associations of the sawmill and timber industry from Germany, Austria and Switzerland called for a turning point for the European timber industry last year.

Source Meinbezirk.at