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China Timber Market Report -
 The price of imported timber will fluctuate slightly after the festival

[Feb 1, 2023]

It is learned that before the Spring Festival holiday, among the arrival prices of imported timber in China, the imported timber used in mid-to-high-end wood products rebounded slightly. It is expected that the rise will also continue after the festival, but the fluctuation of construction timber is not expected to be large.

Among them, the average price of Okoume logs before the festival remained at 302 US dollars per cubic meter. Due to the low domestic inventory, it may continue to rise in the short to medium term after the festival. At the same time, the main influencing factor is also affected by the transportation of Cameroon. If the transportation is smooth and recovers well, it may decline in the third quarter of this year. Sapele and mahogany sawn timber maintained a low price of US$537 and US$622 per cubic meter respectively before the festival. Since the domestic market inventory can still meet market demand, the increase is not expected to be large.

Jade sandalwood rose by US$38 per cubic meter to US$206 before the festival, and the arrival price is low, so there is still room for growth.

Among the timber in Southeast Asia, teak fell slightly before the festival, below $600 per cubic meter. At the same time, according to the replies from some Myanmar suppliers, the export volume of teak in the first quarter of 2023 will not decrease. Prices are not expected to rise sharply after the festival. The merbau wood rose to 419 US dollars per cubic meter before the holiday, and the price is expected to fluctuate slightly after the holiday.

Among European and American materials, beech, black walnut, and ash may rise slightly or remain flat. The prices of birch logs and oak logs were at a low level before the festival, among which birch logs remained at 431 US dollars per cubic meter, while oak prices rose slightly (logs 133 US dollars, sawn timber 367 US dollars). As logging operations return to normal after the festival and the impact of production cuts in some countries, prices are expected to keep increasing.