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Energy: why is the price of firewood increasing in France?

[Jan 20, 2022]

Like other energies used for heating, the price of wood is also increasing. It is estimated at 20%
Since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, energy prices have soared. The aid made available by the government is not always enough, heating up weighs on the wallets of many French people. Despite more attractive prices, firewood is not immune to this price increase. “Overall, the price of wood has increased by 20%. This increase is explained by production costs which have become higher, but also by the scarcity of the product. The requests this year are very important. Before being sold, the wood must be kept for at least two summers so that it is completely dry”, points out Henri Husson, deputy director of the National Center for Forest Property.

Fuelwood prices are subject to the effects of supply and demand. Cheaper than gas or electricity, wood, in this period of galloping inflation, nevertheless manages to attract more and more users. A trend observed by Marc Labattu, CEO of the Pessac company Turbo Fonte, which specializes in the installation of wood or pellet stoves. “Since the first confinement, we have seen an increase in orders. They then accelerated with the start of the war in Ukraine and the increase in energy prices. For the year 2022, we are recording a 45% increase in orders. Heating with wood is back in many homes.

Rising operating costs

Another factor put forward to explain this rise in prices is the rise in production costs. Timber sellers or loggers, like many professionals, have seen their costs increase. "Everything is currently increasing: gasoline for machines and vehicles, electricity for the dryer which allows me to dry the wood in a few weeks..." explains Yannick Petit, wood seller based in the town of Saint-Savin, in Haute Gironde, which had no choice but to inflate its prices.

Source: sudouest.fr