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Australia faces timber supply difficulties

[Jan 11, 2023]


After the fire and flood in recent years, many transportation roads and forests have been damaged to varying degrees. At the beginning of 2023, the Australian timber industry, especially the sawmills in various regions, is facing the problem of timber supply.

It is understood that New South Wales is trying to find wood supply for sawmills. Donna Leiden, general manager of J Notaras and Sons sawmill, said, 'The current timber supply has dropped by 30%, and the situation in the past two weeks has been the best in half a year.'

At the same time, the soaring premium is also a derivative problem under the difficulty of timber supply. It is reported that in Queensland, some factories are trying to obtain insurance, because the international insurance underwriters have tightened the conditions, resulting in soaring premiums, and it is difficult to obtain some cost-effective insurance.

'Insurance, labor, equipment and timber prices, whether large or small enterprises, have felt these cost pressures throughout the timber supply chain,' Mr. Stephens said.