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 Trends: Cover Green launches wooden solar greenhouse

[Jan 10, 2023]

To combine the pleasant with the useful, individuals can choose to install a wooden pergola equipped with solar panels. A unique offer designed by Greenkub.

According to French media reports, GreenKub, a start-up company, has launched a unique design product, a wooden greenhouse with solar panels.

The Montpellier start-up Greenkub, number one in Europe in the construction of wooden garden studios, is expanding its offer with the marketing by its subsidiary of a range of outdoor products "designed to reduce the expenses of the French", specifies the company.

Pergola 100% Made in France

Its flagship product: a wooden pergola equipped with photovoltaic panels, 100% made in France, "which allows you to create a new living space in the garden while reducing your electricity bill... In the midst of the energy crisis where prices are going to explode, the idea was born to combine business with pleasure by equipping the pergolas with photovoltaic panels,” explains Manuel Gioffredy, founder of Cover Green.

"This device is quite common today on aluminum structures, but there are very few players on the market who offer it on wood", continues the young manager: "This solution seems to us to be the ideal option for improving outdoor habitat while reducing energy bills.

Eight high-capacity solar panels

The pergola by Cover Green has good dimensions, 4x4m, enough space to install eight high-capacity 210 kg solar panels on the roof. “Under these solar panels, we install the most powerful micro-inverters in the world which maximize energy production and allow 97% efficiency”, adds Manuel Gioffredy.