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Firewood prices have stabilized in Austria

[Jan 24, 2023]

Firewood prices have increased significantly over the past year. Now prices have stabilized. The state's forest department assumes that firewood prices will remain at the current level this year.

Recently, the situation on the timber market has eased somewhat, says Andreas Amann from the state's forest department. He attributes this to the mild winter so far. Nevertheless, the demand for firewood is still high. A cubic meter of hardwood currently costs around 130 euros, while softwood costs just under 90 euros.

These prices are about the same as half a year ago. Overall, however, firewood prices are still a quarter higher than in Ukraine before the war. Since there is currently no end to the war in sight, Amann assumes that firewood prices will remain at this level this year.

: vorarlberg.ORF.at