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Germany Pellet Market Reports and Trends --
Price brake now also for wood pellets: refund for 2022 decided

[Dec 19, 2022]

Prices for wood pellets have fallen further in November and have now been following a pronounced sideways trend since the beginning of December, on which they are also expected to say goodbye to the year 2022. On average, 500 euros per tonne are the measure of things. This means that wood pellets in Germany are 43 percent more expensive than at the start of the year, but also 38 percent cheaper than at the record high end of August, beginning of September. In Austria and Switzerland, 525 euros and 525 euros respectively are also falling. 590 francs per tonne of wood pellets.

Experience has shown that price quotations move little over the holidays. In the new year the cards will be shuffled again. Where pellet prices will move 2023 is not yet definitively estimated. After the exceptional year 2022, however, a normalization is imminent and the development of wood pellet prices could resume its ideal typical course. Prior to the price capricious 2022, which already started in the autumn 2021, pellet prices showed the same seasonal course for five years. The price started relatively high in the year, followed by a decline with a typical summer low before quotations picked up again in the autumn.

Looking ahead to the current year, the numerous customers who have postponed their autumn order have paid off. The price level is significantly more attractive and demand is correspondingly high. At HeizPellets24, a new December record for orders is already in the middle of the month. In addition to price-triggered demand, the increasing popularity of biomass heaters is also noticeable overall.


Source: Heizpellets24