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Timber construction sales exceed the previous year's figure by 8.5% in Germany

[Dec 12, 2022]

Sales of German carpenters and timber construction companies increased by 8.5% in September compared to the previous year. According to the construction business statistics published today by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), sales rose double-digit in the months of January to May and August. For June and July Destatis increased by 5.9% respectively. 7.3% determined. Cumulatively over the first nine months, sales increased by 15.6% and the number of employees increased by 1.3% higher.

Companies active in the construction sector implemented 5.4% more in September than in the previous year. Sales also increased in the previous months. In the first nine months, sales increased by 9.1% and the number of employees was just below the previous year. In the construction industry as a whole, turnover and number of employees are 11.0% respectively. increased by 0.9% .

Source: Destatis