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  • 301) WZ International Ltd.  

  • timber products.
    Located in:Germany
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  • 302) FINA USA CORP. 

  • Export forest products concentrated on log, lumber, pulp and wastepaper
    Located in:United States
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  • 303) Almichim 

  • We are a company from Romania which wants to export timber from beech, fir or oak especially in the Midle East region.
    Located in:Romania
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  • 304) Horom Investment 

  • Horom investment is a christain organization that deals with all types of wood,varying from teak,mahogany,iroko,obesha,pine,black &white wood,masonia e.t.c we a
    Located in:South Africa
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  • 305) Phuket Hill International Co., Ltd. 

  • We have obtained a concession from Laos Government to sell log and lumber. The session has just started this month. Volume is not limit. Minimum order requires
    Located in:Thailand
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  • 306) promex tv 

  • Parket and dryed and steamed wood manufacturing from beech 
    Located in:Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • 307) N.WooD.S 

  • Wood supply from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Located in:Bosnia and Herzegovina
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  • 308) tropical hardwoods honduras 

  • hardwood sales
    Located in:Honduras
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  • 309) Exsul 

  • Company EXSUL is a member of the holding company WOOD MEL Timber Group, which was founded in 1991 together with Belgian and Russian business partners in Kl
    Located in:Lithuania
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  • 310) Wintrade Lumber International (Pty) Ltd 

  • We are suppliers of all TIMBER PRODUCTS ranging from logs to finished products.and including sawn lumber for the manufacture of furniture and other value added
    Located in:Please Select a Country or area
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  • 311) Antares Com?cio & Servi?s Ltda. 

  • Antares Com?cio e Servi?s Ltda., established in 1992, is a Brazilian trading house dedicated to the development, quality inspection, marketing and sales of wood
    Located in:Brazil
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  • We are exporter of timber and wood related products from Malaysia. Our main species are Meranti, MLH, Kapor, Keruing & etc.
    Located in:Malaysia
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  • 313) Bul Export Partner 

  • Export of Bulgarian SOFTWOOD and HARDWOOD. We are looking for reliable customers of ROUND WOOD and SAWN TIMBER.
    Located in:Bulgaria
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  • We are Manufacturer/Exporters of the following products:  - Sawn lumber and other lumbers - Lumber for construction - Wood components - Furn
    Located in:Bolivia
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  • 315) Cv.Wood Holding 

    Located in:Please Select a Country or area
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