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  • 16) Western Lumber Company, LLC 

  • We are the exporter of Eastern White Pine lumber. We also offer Ponderosa, Lodgepole, Sugar, Idaho White, Red and Southern Yellow Pine. Along with Engelman Spr
    Located in:United States

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  • 17) RidEx Group Ltd. 

  • We are the biggest wood and wood logs exporter in Bulgaria. We offer White Ash Logs, White Oak Logs, Lime (Tilia) Logs and different kinds of lumber and wo
    Located in:Bulgaria
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  • We are timber trading company with raw sawn timber processing capacities and long-term experience in timber sourcing & sales. Our main sales items:  K
    Located in:Latvia
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  • 19) Graf Brothers Lumber 

  • Graf Brothers Lumber is the largest producer of rift and quarter sawn white oak (red oak)in the world. We also plain saw oak and walnut lumber. We specialize in
    Located in:United States

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  • 20) Rhemar Corporation Ltd 

  • We are exporters of woods and their derivatives.
    Located in:Germany
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  • 21) Cirrus construction 

  • We are medium size , Ontario based sawmill and wood processing company. We can supply any components of: Wallnut,Ash,Maple,Poplar,Pine,Cedar,Elm wood.&nb
    Located in:Canada
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  • 22) Kaster Logging Limited  

  • Kaster Logging Limited is a family owned logging company located in Ontario where we harvest hardwood veneer grade logs and sawlogs in Hard Maple, Red Oak, Ash.
    Located in:Canada
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  • 23) cwoodbiomass 

  • Our company has modernization management system, perfect quality guarantee system, new techniques and advanced equipment to provide high quality products to mee
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 24) Proteak Renewable Forestry 

  • Proteak is the largest forestry company in Mexico, operanting in three countries, the third teak worldwide producer and leader in the composite panel sector wit
    Located in:Mexico
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  • 25) Alpawood 

  • Alpawood is a supplier of European Logs and Lumbers. We get our logs directly from forest owners throughout Europe and are specialized in the export to end-user
    Located in:Netherlands
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  • 26) priangarye LLC 

  • PRIANGARIE LLC is Manufacturing and Trading Company of Russian Timber Group. It was established is 2011 to market lumber products of all enterprises of the gro
    Located in:Russia
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  • 27) Timbex Iberica S.L. 

  • IMBEX is a manufacturing and distributing company of wood products in solid white beech, steamed beech and European oak. During the past 30 years it has been a
    Located in:Spain

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  • 28) PR Hardwoods 

  • PR Hardwoods only sells reclaimed woods from fallen trees, or from trees that need to be cut or removed, and only when the required permits are in place. An in
    Located in:Puerto Rico
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  • Hartzell Hardwoods Has Over 140 Years Experience with Walnut Lumber and Thick Stock Oak Lumber.   Hartzell Hardwoods is proud to be known throughout t
    Located in:United States
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  • 30) NAEC Lumber 

  • NAEC Lumber exports North American Hardwood and some softwood to the rest of the world. We consistently ship out 20 to 50 containers per month of various specie
    Located in:United States

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