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  • 166) Vinacharcoal 

  • ThangLong Capital JSC is a leading manufacturer and exporter of branded and private label charcoal. We are producing and supplying all kind of charcoal in Vietn
    Located in:Vietnam
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  • 167) makedonbud 

  • makedonbud llc is a trading and manufacturing company. We are operating with wood material such as: timbers, lumbers, round logs, pellets, wood chips, firewood
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 168) Mountain Timber Sawmill 

  • Ozark timber out of the Ozark Mountains. We carry Ties, cantes, fas lumber, 4x4's, 4x6, 4x7,4x8, 4x9, 6by's, 7by's and most speciality cuts. chips, mulch, sawd
    Located in:United States
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  • 169) Green Fuels Processors and Allied Co Ltd 

  • We are into export of Lump Wood Charcoal (restaurant, Barbeque and Shisha). We also are setting up facility to produce wood pellets 6mm -8mm dia.
    Located in:Nigeria
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  • A professional manufacturer of solid wood panels and hardwood lamellas located in Kremenchuk city, Ukraine. Company has the total area of 11600 m² with the mo
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 171) Premium co. 

  • Established in 2001, Premium Company imports and manufactures bedding and feeding for all types of animal, these include stables for horses, poultry farms, and
    Located in:Egypt
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  • 172) Perechin Timber and Chemical Plant  

  • PERECHIN TIMBER AND CHEMICAL PLANT About us: One of the largest producers and suppliers of charcoal and charcoal briquettes in Europe; With an ex
    Located in:Ukraine
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  • 173) Jurgenu biokuras UAB 

  • Firewood.   Sawdust briquettes.   We produce and sell firewood in bags and boxes and sawdust briquettes.  Our contacts: e-mail- ju
    Located in:Lithuania
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  • Our company supplies waste pellets of 8 mm / 6 mm ± 1 (length 3.15 mm to 40 mm), given the importance of energy supply and demand, in particular the energy sec
    Located in:Algeria
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  • 175) grup lemn srl 

  • Beech wood manufacturer: sawmill, drying, wood elements, chair parts.
    Located in:Romania
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  • Techniray Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Alma Rubber Estates Sdn Bhd and our group of companies started using biomass feeding for our internal industrial boiler sin
    Located in:Malaysia
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  • 177) PT. Sentra Utama Palletindo 

  • Pallet Packaging Manufacturer
    Located in:Indonesia
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  • 178) Ardurpellet S.L 

  •  At Ardurpellet we offer EN PLUS A1 quality pellets, using only 100% debarked pine wood.   Of the three categories that can be certified with th
    Located in:Spain
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  • 179) Eco Smart S.C 

  • We are Polish company Eco Smart S.C. . We supply High Quality Din Plus wood pellet . we want to open and establish a long term business relationship with your c
    Located in:Poland
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  • 180) Manufactories of South Palmira s.r.o. 

  • Production & distribution Wood Lumber Firewood
    Located in:Czech Republic
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