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  • 46) Mangamarek Trading 

  • Mangamarek Trading is Supplier of only rough and fine sawn lumber such as KWILA(INTSIA BIJUGA)Papua New Guinea has a recorded number of Kwila and other mix hard
    Located in:Papua New Guinea
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  • 47) taex woods 

  • we can supply air dry railway sleepers(species okan) wawa,sapele etc0.
    Located in:Belgium
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  • 48) abiplant sa 

  • Our company offers lumber, rolls, decks, railway sleeper beams of the following species:  Quebracho Colorado (Schipnosis Lorentzii) Quebracho Bla
    Located in:Argentina
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  • 49) John L. Frye Co. Inc. 

  • We are a railroad crosstie broker buying locally cut green crossties and selling to the railroads. We also buy and sell treated crossties.
    Located in:United States
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  • 50) Conjuntipontos Serv.Agroflorestais Lda 

  • we are a company wo produces all types of wood, railway sleepers, lumber, fire wood, etc.
    Located in:Portugal
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  • 51) Wirjo Industries NV 

  • Dear Customers,  We are direct sawmillers and exporters for Suriname hard - & softwood timbers. The following timbers are : Rough Sawn, AntiSlip
    Located in:Suriname
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  • 52) RZD Trading House 

  • RZD Trading House is the official representative of Russian Railways (RZD) on foreign markets and exports materials, equipment, technologies and services of rai
    Located in:Russia
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  • 53) Apia LTD 

  • Dealing with wooden railway sleepers, wooden slices and elements from oak(Quercus Cerris L)
    Located in:Bulgaria
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  • 54) Jinan Haoyu Woodworking Machinery Co.,Ltd 

  • Jinan Haoyu Woodworking Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of membrane vacuum press and profile wrapping equipment in China. Through decades
    Located in:China
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  • 55) RZD Trading Company 

  • Export of products and services of Russian railway complex
    Located in:Russia
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  • 56) Docard 

  • Export-used railway sleepers and old wood with Poland.
    Located in:Poland
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  • 57) Guarnas Export 

  • We offer antique reclaimed lumber of hardwood, railway sleepers, antique reclaimed cedar doors, for rustic or rural design decorations or constructions.
    Located in:Uruguay
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  • 58) Matt-Niyi Nigeria Company 

  • We have a lot of Gmelina softwood, and lots of train sleepers hardwood for export from Nigeria. 
    Located in:Nigeria
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  • 59) Business & Technology Consultants Ltd 

  • Our company has logging concessions in the central african region, mostly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Types of hardwood are as follow: -Erythrophl
    Located in:United Kingdom
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  • 60) HOMELONG Wooden Products Manufactory Co.,Ltd  

  • Our products range includes Wooden box ,Cork coaster ,Wood Picture Frame , Wooden Pole etc.  HOMELONG Wooden Products Manufactory Co.,Ltd is a profes
    Located in:China
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