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Navunisareki Logging & Pruning Company hereforth NLPC was formally registered on 18.02.2016 to one Mr. Ratu Semisi Leiene.

The business concept or idea was not developed overnight but was initially birthed by My Father Mr. Koresi Koresi Rokocavu in the early 90’s who focused more on felling and pruning with business dormant over the past 20 years given factors including age and steep competition demarcating level of competitors.

In 2015 after returning from more than 10 years of studying and employment in Japan, the desire to venture into Logging was rekindled after securing firm and genuine log buyers in Japan.
In 2016 the business was re-Registered as NLPC under sole proprietorship and blessing from Father Mr Koresi Rokocavu (now technical advisor).

The Business had officially commenced on 01/2016 after 2015 was purely spent on studying, understanding & establishing relationship with suppliers of timber, the industry, the markets and the buyers. Confidence mounting manifesting in Business registration and ongoing operations on hand.

With 22 full time employees on hand including a full time quality controller, the business now has its own Yard, portable sawmill, 6 sider molding machine and a figure joint machine etc which is imported from Japan.

The Product

Our entire Product is exported to Japan and other demand buyer around the globe. There is basically NO wastage as the demand and buyer from Barks to Sawdust to Waste timber exist.
Although the standard recovery rate per log is 50%, our main product line enables us to effect a recovery rate of 60 to 75% with product as follows:
OPC grade �6ft (4*1) whole single timber without joining basically known as single cut. (50% per log)
UNI grade �6ft (4*1) joint timber from fallouts or wastage. This is basically known as fingure joint flooring. (20% to 25% per log).

**NOTE: The company is the only company in Fiji to Export Rain-tree/Monkey Pod Logs, which is under the Fiji Forest Cabinet & Government. .

4.0 Forecast

NLPC has adopted the Japanese concept where a holistic approach is undertaken seeing that at all levels of business involvement or stakeholders a fair and respectable trade is effected to enable maximum beneficial that will not only see sustainable and strong developments but business longevity and ethics that will benefit the generations to come.

With all necessary requirements perfected for business operations and healthy relationship and connections established with suppliers and buyers basically happy with our product, the business envisions a stable and robust Management & Operations going forward.

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Navunisareki Logging & Prunning Company

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10 Royal Palm Street, Navutu Industrial , Lautoka,Fiji




Country or Areas: Fiji
Post Code: 679
Established: 1950
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Joe Limaono


Sales Manager




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