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Dear Sir,Madam

First of all we would like to convey our best greeting to your company. We wish to establish relationship with your company for a long time.
We are North Asia Forest Products JSC, include two factories: a located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam and a plant in Lao, specializing in producing wooden flooring and wood panels. Our products are now mainly exported to EU, Japan, Korea and Taiwan with quality high and competitive price.
Our main products are made from many beautiful materials of Laos pine, Vietnam pine, acacia, oak, beech, pyinkado, pomu (hinoki), Keruing, rubberwood.. with wide range of products from solid flooring, Finger joint flooring, finger joint laminate flooring, decking,..

We are ready willing and able to provide the products with specifications as follows:
1. Wooden Flooring:
- Solid Flooring
- Engineered flooring ( EN)
- Finger Jointed flooring ( FJ)
- Finger Jointed laminate Flooring ( FJL)
+ Size: thickness: 14/15/18mm
Width: 75/90/120/150mm
Length: 450/600/750/1050/1200/1500/1820
+ Grade: A B C grade ( solid flooring)
A B ( EN)
+ Moisture content: 12%
+ Less than 2mm bending over 1000mm running cupping is not allowed.
+ Tolerance on length: +/- 1mm
+ Tolerance on thickness: +/- 0.1mm
+ Wood Species: White/ Red Oak, pyinkado, Narra padauk, Taukkyan, Hinoky, Lao Pine,?
+ Packing: Nylon, Pallet, Carton,
2.Finger Joint Panel and Laminated Panel:
- Size:
Thickness: 18/24/30/40mm
Width: 300/610/915/1220mm
Length: 1220/2440/3640/4200/4500mm
- Moisture content: 12%
- Grade: A No crack, No pinholes, no blue stain, no knots, lamella width from 30-45mm.
- Grade: B and C: No crack, No pinholes, blue stain are allowed, knots are allowed ( must be repaired).
- Wood species: Vietnam pine, Acacia, Pomu ( hinoki), EUpean pine,?
- Packing: Nylon, Pallet.
3. Decking :
- Size: Thickness: 20/30mm,
Width: 105/110/120mm
Length: 1500/2000/2700/3000mm
- Grade A: One side free of defect No crack, No cupping, No knot, no blue stain, No sapwood, No pinhole. One face grooves for non slip protection, Pencil round chamfer the long corner.
- MC: < 12%
- Wood species: Bangkira ( Yellow Balaw), Keruing
4. Scantling ( 3 layers)
- Size: 63/72mm x86x2500/4500mm
- MC: 12%
- Grade: A No crack, No pinhole, No knot, lamella width 45mm
- Grade B, C: No Crack, No Pinhole, blue stain are allowed, knots are allowed ( must be repaired).
- Wood speices: Vietnam pine, Acacia, Pomu ( Hynoki), Oak
- Packing: nylon, Carton, Pallet.
5. Acacia decking Tile:
- Size: 24x450/500x450/500/1000 ( TxWxL)
- Size of Lamella: 12x45/50/100x450/500/1000 ( TxWxL)
- Structure: Acacia decking tile is made from 9 surfaced lamellas and 3 bottom lamellas and arematched to each other with glue, screws and nails.
- MC: 8-12%
- Grade A, B, C.
If you are interested any products, please don't hesitant to contact with me and I will give you best price .
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and best regards,
MS Cindy Nhan.
Sales & Marketing Manager.
No 1111 Giai Phong, Hoang Mai Dist, HaNoi, VietNam
Tel: +84 4 3 641 4481
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