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Dear Sirs! The Innovation Technology of Individual House Building?the company with the limited liability, is the owner of the exclusive right on a production and use technology of the profiled squared beam in building.
During our long-standing research we have found the special method of processing the not dried squared beam into a special profile laying it on a dry dowel without any densifier. This method of construction is simple, inexpensive and much better then all the methods that are used in house building at present time such as the building of constructions of rounded timber of different diameter, milled, glued squared beam of different dimensions.There are lots of advantages of our technology. Some of them: the house which is built in a such way does not need a shrinkage; there is no need to use the additional fastening of the beams with the dowel pins; this method protects the timber from the process of fissuring, warping and twisting. During the storage and transportation the dowel prevents the changes in dimensions of beam and the timber is not effected by the mould
Our company will supply the milled squared beam, with a complement of a dowel, in any term. We will study the project in details, analyse the specification and deliver the squared beam, prepared for building.
On your request, our specialists will suggest the architectural solution of a project and provide the turn key structure of building.
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Contacts:660049, RUSSIA, Krasnoyarsk, Mira str. 30-a,307
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Innovation Technologies of Individual House Building

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