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Dear Sirs,

I'm glad to tell you that I am a experienced exporter for the many kinds of

the bamboo flooring. Now I want to expand my business to more importers for the bamboo flooring and

accordingly bamboo items. I can supply you bamboo flooring with good quality and the lowest prices

comparing with other suppliers in China.

1- Dimension: Our bamboo flooring is 960x96x15mm. This is our general dimension for exporting. Our another

general dimension for exporting is 920x92x15mm. Our factory can also manufacture the 1850mm length bamboo

flooring. If you need other dimension bamboo flooring, Please tell us, and we will do it for you.

2- Styles and Colours: Our Bamboo flooring has two styles. One is Horizontal, another is Vertical. and they have

Natural and Carbonized colours generally. Of course, we can make the colours undertone or darkening according to your requirements. We can even make some Coloured bamboo flooring if you need.

3- Finish: Our bamboo flooring has been used with "Klumpp" UV coating with 6 stage, which is contained

aluminum oxide. So our bamboo flooring is more wearable and scratch resistant. The Glue we use is eco-friendly

and E1 standard, so it is hurtless to people's health.

4- Quality: Our bamboo flooring is better. And the quality is so STABLE, this is our important excellence.

Our flooring has no bending, no mottle, no stain etc... so we can supply you 25 years warranty.

5- Price: The prices of our bamboo flooring are CIF LA US$14.5/Per sq.m for Horizontal and

US$15/Per sq.m for Vertical based on 960mm length flooring. If you need prices for other dimensions or other

destinations, please tell me and I will offer you soon.

6- Accessories: Of course, we can also supply you correlative accessories such as stair treads, T-mold, nosing


7- Other bamboo products: We can supply you bamboo veneer, bamboo plywood, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer

on MDF board etc... If you need other bamboo items, please tell me the detail requirements, and I will give you


Anyway, we do hope you will be interested in our products. As we are an experienced exporter for the bamboo

flooring and our products are better. So trust me, you will find you have one faithful, stable and studious supplier

after we make a business relationship.

We are looking forward to receiving your reply soon.

Best to you

Lizheng Miao

Miao's Bamboo

** Fax: 86-553-5871008

** Website: http://www.miaobamboo.com/

** Email: miaolz@miaobamboo.com

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