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Dear Sirs and Madam,

As investor from Australia investing in the Bamboo Industry for 8years. We have planted the bamboo poles? known as (Tam Vong in Vietnamese) since the time we purchased our land in Vietnam - the country of bamboos. We own 120 hectares of bamboo plantation.

Our Bamboo are of the highest quality and durability, meaning that it's never cut and sold any earlier than 3years of mature aged. Our Bamboo is good for furniture production, floor boards, anything wood and steel are capable of doing the bamboo poles we have can do the same. It's low in cost but high in quality and last for a extensive period of time.

We are currently supplying a large quantity of bamboos locally and overseas to architectures, commercial contractors. We also supply the bamboo poles/ sticks in assorted diameter and lengths, as customers required.

We are looking to expand our business wider and looking for more potential buyers to do long lasting business. We are reliable and have achieved outstanding reputation amongst our product.

I hope this brief information will give you a better understanding of our business. We have all sizes and height you required. The deliveries locally will be free of charge if the Order is 4000+ bamboo units within 90kms radius from where we are (Viet Nam, Tay Ninh province/ Tan Bien district). Our prices are F.O.B exclusive.

For more information, please visit our website at

If you are interested in our supply, please don't hesitate to send me e-mail on forestbamboovn@ or contact me on (84) 066-872-771 or cell phone (84) 913-939-061.
Aust: (61) 422-335-136
Hope to do business you and prosper together.

Best Regards,
Peter Nguyen/Alex Nguyen

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Route 1, Tan Lap Commune


Tan Bien District


Tay Ninh Province
Country or Areas: Vietnam
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