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Our sales team has many years of experience in logging, forestry, lumber sales, grading & inspection but also in blanks & veneer global distribution and international business.
Our export sales team understands the complexity of global trade and finance, tradition of integrity, reliability and service to the global industry. Our team has the international knowledge to deal with International terms, dimensions, logistics and terms of trade. We speak English, French, Arabic and Russian.
Valverde Corp. is one of the leaders of primary and secondary forest products.
Valverde Corp. works with owners of timberlands, slicer and rotary veneers across and specifically the Northeast of America.
Valverde Corp. logs, inspects, saws, grades and distributes all high export quality hardwood and softwood, Granite & Stones across the globe and also in North America.
Established in 1998, Valverde Corp. has been recognized as one of the leaders in providing quality materials at a competitive price throughout Pennsylvania & Northeast of the USA for all our clients overseas.

The primary facet of our business is the services we provide to Importers & distributors. We work closely with you to assure that we are prepared to meet your needs for many of your common material requirements. Also involves in Forest Management and Export. All our lumber is directly from Mills in Pennsylvania.
Valverde Corp. cruises, manages, and purchases Hardwood & Softwood timberlands
across the USA. High end North American Harwood Trees are processed into Veneer and blanks through saw mills and are exported to Europe, Middleast and North African countries. Buying logs from Valverde Corp. is a world removed from buying directly from the source. It is still very common for Valverde Representatives to go to the forest, and face the elements ?rain, snow, mud or mosquitoes, to say nothing of dealing with the challenges of sorting through improperly prepared parcels or the logistics of trucking from remote locations. Fortunately, the buying experience for the log buyer who does his purchasing from Valverde corp. is totally different. Valverde listens to their clients and establishes a good understanding of their needs. Because of this special interest, they are able to preselect according to the individual desires of the client. Assistance is provided for all aspects of the sale. Logs are freshly prepared and laid out on a clean, asphalt work surface for the ultimate final inspection. Freight logistics and payment can be arranged directly through us.

Valverde Corp. works closely with the US Department of Commerce in Pennsylvania,
The US Banking Systems to ensure the smooth flow of exports
as a privately owned company we are able to provide time-honored and innovative products to our importers, many of whom we have been proud to serve for years.

Valverde Corp. works very closely with major building material suppliers. Through plan review, truss engineering, material requirements planning and delivery, we are able to help our builders and contractors control costs and streamline construction projects. This close interaction of our experienced staff allows Harris Lumber to maintain a clear understanding of current and future material requirements.
We are proud to provide this personal level of service to our customers and look forward to assisting you with your next project. Large or small, Valverde Corp. has the experience and the materials you need to finish the job right!
company specailizes in the trading of timber and introduces the position as field buyer for foreign buyer or importers specially for the middlle east and north africa where the company crew understand and follow the markets also the main concer is to boust US export of different types of lumber and woods.Our client are furniture manufacturers,construction companies,national wood companies and others.our seller or suppliers will be only millhouses,major distributors and exporters.our company ois young but the devotion and dedication to our clients will be inprecedented and outstanding it is our goal and our duty.
Export Manager Joe ARADJ Operating Hours:
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Fax: (570) 422-6897 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern

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Valverde Contracting Corp.

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