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Kelilong, established in May 1993 and awarded by Fujian Standard Measurement Bureau the manufacture licence of measuring utensils under the serial No.00000136, is a specialized manufacturer and marketer of instruments and meters. Currently, the company mainly devotes itself to water quality detection, RPM rotary speed measurement, air quality testing and the production of high content technological products, which are widely applicated to the fields of energy, transportation, aviation, electromechanics, household appliances, environmental protection, chemical fiber, farming, school scientific research and etc.

Major products:

1)rotary speed measurement of the machinery manufacturing equipment: multi-function rotary speed meter; photoelastic rotary speed meter;

2) air quality testing instrument: hygrothermograph, hygrometer;

3) water quality testing(monitoring) instrument: PH meter, EC/TDS conductivity meter, pNa meter, pNa salt meter, ORP meter.

Regarding the concept of "diligence makes success" as the impetus of the enterprise and keeping the motto of "seeking for the best" over these years, Kelilong devotes itself to unceasingly introducing senior technicians and administrators and purchasing advanced production and testing equipment. In this way, Kelilong has developed from a small enterprise into an enterprise who has set up its brand standing and revealed its scale by exporting its products to South Korea, Germany, France, India, Egypt, Jordan and etc. while establishing offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Wenzhou and etc..

Adhering to the principle of "offering independent design, innovative products and superior service", Kelilong constantly brings out new products based on its own technological preponderances. Nowadays, quite a many engineers of Kelilong are engaged in the exploitation of new technologies and products. They always master the advanced technology and keep close concern on the market demand so as to ensure the adaptability and reliability of the products, firmly control the quality and present perfect products to the users according to the standard of Measurement Law.

Kelilong will always attach great importance to meeting your needs, for "utilizing science & technology and seeking perfect" is the permanent goal of Kelilong.

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