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Universal Wood Products

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Lithuanian company "Universal Wood Products" is a young, but already professional manufacturer and exporter of wooden furniture and its fittings.
Our company has been manufacturing since 2000 and today it's one of the fastest growing production companies in Lithuania. We are able to manufacture practically all demanded - from interior elements to finished furniture. Contribution of good scale of machinery, skilled technical team, reliable providing of raw materials and extremely accurate delivery terms, let our company to react to the market and customer needs very fast.
Today the company is looking for new clients and foreign markets to extend its sales network and provide mutual relationships with customers.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

WE OFFER: wooden furniture (bedrooms and small tables) of high quality, different sizes and designs, components from solid wood (table legs, door fronts, furniture tops, shelf brackets, panels, profiles etc.), as well as wooden toys and interior elements in a wide range of shapes and colours. FSC CoC certification follows company's products.

The main kind of material - birch, oak, beech or pine. Due to customers needs, we can produce solid, face glued, edge glued, fingerjointed wooden products, and also commit facing and surface finishing.

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Universal Wood Products

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Grauzieciu village


Ukmerges reg.


Country or Areas: Lithuania
Post Code: 20101
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+370 340 63196


+370 340 63785
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Homepage: http://www.ump.lt
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