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We are a Spanish company, called Tabsal (Grupo Carsal and, that manufactures LignumStrand LSL. LignumStrand is a Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL), an engineered lumber product for structural framing and industrial
applications. Our unique, patented manufacturing technology transforms wood fiber into high-performance, consistent products. Primarily relying on fast-growing, small diameter trees, Tabsal provides a resource-efficient alternative to sawmill products.

LignumStrandTM can be a substitute in MANY types of uses, for inner and in exterior uses (cannot be overly exposed to water), it possesses superior mechanical characteristics, it does not wear away on tools as much as conventional wood, it allows for optimal advantages due to its format (7.5meters x 0.62 m-board), it is manufactured in thickness from 30mm to 80mm with a homogeneous density profile.

LignumStrandTM has been certified for structural use in the tests realized by AITIM following the procedures of Eurocode V.

Thanks to LignumStrandTm , manufactured with plantation wood chips, and MDI glue, that does not contain formaldehyde, we are able to continue enjoying the use of wood. Fruit of advanced technology, LignumStrandTM allows us to substitute the use of natural forest wood by safeguarding our world磗 ecosystems.

LignumStrandTM is sold primarily to the following domestic and international markets:

- Residential housing construction
- Industrial applications
- Light commercial construction
- Furniture
- Door Manufacturers

This could be of much interest to you. This particular product can be used in the following applications: in Timber frame housing, floor joist systems, roof truss systems, also for structural rimboard, edge closures, lintels, furniture and blocking for the internal frame of a door. It has excellent resistance and does not warp like some timber products. We are also very competitive in price amongst our competing Engineered Wood product manufacturers. We would like to discuss with you the possibilities of you distributing our product and as us becoming your provider of LSL. Please contact us for more information and pricing and we hope to begin a long and prosperous working relationship with your company.

Architects know laminated wood products and have come to appreciate their enormeous stability within the modern house building. In general its properties are better compared to traditional sawn solid wood.
LignumStrand?LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) is a laminated wood based on coated strands.
Thanks to the availability of LignumStrand?LSL it is no longer necessary to choose between the strength of a stave lumber core and the stability of a particleboard core as it joins both features together. It combines screw holding and bending properties, which stand for to stave lumber core, with the the engineered stability of a particleboard core. Unsightly through-bolts or expensive inner blockings are no longer necessary.
LignumStrand?LSL is free of knots or other defects, has a constant low moisture content (9%) and is free of tension. LignumStrand LSL keeps its properties also after sewing into smaller sizes.
No bowing, twisting, warping or shrinking will appear even if the material is stored correctly for a longer period. LignumStrand LSL?can be cut and machined with conventional equipment also used for the treatment of solid wood without wearing like conventional wood products.
No formaldehyde, better for the environment than other engineered wood products.
Homogeneity facilitates the resistance against fire. Speed of carbonisation is slower because of higher density in LignumSTrand LSL.
Therefore, it is clear who you should go with for these given applications. Tabsal磗 LignumStrand LSL.

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