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Dear Sirs,

Visiting your web site and seeing your interest for wood products I thought that is a big opportunity for both of us to develop a big and durable business in this field. So, allow us to introduce ourselves to your good company:
MJM SERVICII is a company which is part of a group of companies specialized in production and distribution of:
- program of kitchen of furniture ia a wide range of designs from which we nominalize for your attention Sheker Model with different widths of frame ( 80; 90; 100 mm) with veneered or solid panel made from beech, oak, sycamore, ash, lime, cherry in many colours and finishing.
The kitchen doors and drawer fronts can be delivered either ITW (unlacquered) or lacquered (including holes, and hardware) prepared to be assembled on the cabinets. Also we are able to offer you other products which complete the kitchens: veneered and panels, skirting, architraves, molldings, etc.
Other product useful in the kitchens and what we can put at your disposal is worktops. These are made on the technology of solid panels, finger-jointed, A/B, A/C, B/C grades thicknesses between 30 ?45 mm, beech and oak.
- other program is houses doors and windows made from solid wood ?for inside or outside, executed from spruce or oak (at customer抯 desire) in a large range of models, colours and finishing.
This program can be delivered ITW or lacquered with special lacquers.
The doors which we can sell to you are made either with panels and from or with tongue & groove joints as garage doors, interior doors, terrace doors.
1.Solid wood panels for table top, worktops made from beech (unsteamed and steamed at 12 and 20 hours) and oak-Thickness 18-48 mm and kitchen tops, thickness 32- 40 mm, in all qualities (A/B; A/C; B/B; B/C) in structure: continuous lamellas (panels length - up to 2500 mm; panels width- up to 1200 mm) and finger jointed lamellas (panels length- up to 4500 mm; panels width - up to 1000 mm).
2.We would like to offer for your attention the next new opportunities which we are having now, in Romania for solid wood panels field.
PC specification ?beech panels
Sizes: Thickness: 18,20 and 27 mm
Widths: up to 1000 mm
Lengths: continuous lamellas ?between 1000-2100 mm
Finger jointed ?between 2500- 4000 杕aximum 4500 mm
Width of lamella ?40-42 mm ?equal width
Colour ?as well as results from drying process based on water steaming.
Structure- 70% thickness 18 and 20 mm ?0 % continuous- 70 % lengths- 1800 ?2150 mm
- 30 % finger jointed- 30 % lengths ?1000 ?700 mm
- 30 % thickness 27 mm ?the same as above.
Monthly quantities ?3 trucks 18 mm thick ?2 truck continuous lamellas
- 1 truck finger jointed 2500 and 4500 mm lengths
- 1 truckload 27 mm thick ?70 % continuous lamellas
30 % finger jointed
Quality for all truckloads ?A/B GRADE
First delivery term: 15 the of June ?30 the of June 2004
Prices: EX WORKS
Continuous lamellas, A/B grade- length 1800-2100-1310 EUR / c. b. m.
1000 ?1700 ?1220 EUR / c. b. m.
Finger jointed ?18,20 and 27 mm ?970 EUR/ c. b. m.
Means of working: Commercial contract for minimum 6 Months (delivery month by month)
Oak panels
Thickness ?18, 20 and 27 mm
Width ?maximum 1000 mm
Length ?continuous ?1000 up to 2150 mm
Finger jointed ?2500; 4000; maximum 4500 mm
Monthly capacity ?3 truckloads in the next specification:
- 2 trucks ?continuous lamellas ?70% lengths ?1800-2150 mm
- 30% lengths ?1000-1700 mm
- 1 truck ?finger jointed ?2500; 4000; maximum 4500 mm.
First delivery term: 30 the of August 2004.
Prices EX WORKS.
Continuous lamellas ?lengths ?1800 ?2150 mm ?1750 EUR / c. b. m.
- Lengths ?1000 ?1700 mm ?1650 EUR/ c. b. m.
- Finger jointed: 1220 EUR / c. b. m.
Also, we are able to put on your disposal beech and oak panels B/C grade, finger jointed.
PT specification
Oak panels ?18, 20, 27 mm continuous and finger jointed
- 38 and 40 mm continuous and finger jointed
Quality: A/B grade
Quantity: 1 truckload/ month ?continuous lamellas
1 truckload / month ?finger jointed
B/C grade, finger jointed, 2 truckloads monthly (widths 1000 mm, lengths ?4500 mm)
Other products: furniture and small furniture ?oak, beech, lime, acacia? flooring ?beech and oak; chairs ?oak, beech and acacia; garden furniture ?acacia, pine and spruce in combination with hard metal, bed elements - slats, components for table legs, wood articles like ?sand boxes, childrens playing houses, pollstery europaletts and timber.
If you are really interested in, we can get for you pictures, drawings, brochures for selecting the products according to the request of your market.
Presently we are exporting on UK Market.
We are totally open to the market demands and are able to answer to all challenges of our clients.
Our team is one of the best from Romania, the management is assured by the one抯 of the best specialists in wood field.
Please take a moment to read our proposal and I抦 very sure that after, your conclusion will be that our collaboration can be an asset for your company and for us, too I抦 deeply believing that we can have together a good communication and a prosperous business.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
General Manager
Mihai Marin
TEL/FAX 0040212333055
E-MAIL mjm@itcnet.ro

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