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I am presenting one of the biggest in Latvia and Baltic states sawn timber producing company Gaujas Koks SIA. Our company was established in 1991 year and during 13 years GK is well known in UK and Ireland as a wide range timber products manufacturer. Our company owns two sawmills based in Latvia with a total annual production volume about 160 000.00 m3 of Kiln Dried graded/planed material per year. We are certified by BM Trada to grade timber to British Standard BS 4978 (C16/C24) and BS EN 519 (TR26).

Please find below our standard sizes which we produce for UK market all the time. The specs below could be offered on an ongoing basis.

Whitewood KD 16-20%, Graded C16/C24 or TR26, Regularised
45x70/95/120/145/170//195/220mm Heavy 45x95/145/195mm
Lengths: 2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.4/6.0m
Volume: abt.1500-2500m3 per month
This material is planed from 47x75/100/125.. and it could be planed down to any size you require (the above spec of 45mm is just the standard spec and sizes we produce for UK market).
The same specification can be offered as sawn carcassing 47x75/100/125... and ~ 30% from total volume could be Redwood.

Whitewood KD 16-20%, Sawfalling quality (can be reg'd and graded TR26)
35x75/100/125/150/175/200mm - sawfalling or graded C16/C24
35x72/97/122/147/172/197mm - reg'd and graded TR26
Lengths: 2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.4/6.0m
Volume: abt.500-700m3 per month

Redwood/Whitewood KD 16-20%, Sawfalling quality
Lengths: 2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.4/6.0m
Volume: abt.500-700m3 per month

Whitewood KD 16-20%, Reject
47x75/100/125/150/175/200/225/250 Heavy 47x100/150/200mm
Lengths: 2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.4/6.0m
Volume: abt.500-700m3 per month

Our rejected material may have the following defects: all kind of distortions (bow, cup, spring, twist); fissures; bark and resin pockets; technical damages; wane over 1/3 of the surface in which it occurs; knots - all kind of knots (dead knots, black knots, barkringed knots, etc.); blue stain - big percent only in summer season; size variations.
They are frequents defects could appear in our material, but it doesn't mean that each board has all of these defects.

Whitewood/Redwood KD 16-20% / Uns'd, Sawfalling quality
22x100/125/150 Heavy 22x100/150mm
Lengths: 2.4/3.0/3.6/4.2/4.5/4.8/5.4/6.0m
Volume: abt.500-700m3 per month

All this product could be treated CCA or CCE.

We are seeking for new partners that would be interested in purchasing highest quality timber products made by our company. We are a flexible producer and able to adjust our production to any sizes you require simultaneously finding the best solution for your market.

Possible cooparation between our companies could be stable and reliable.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards

Gatis Ginters

Gaujas Koks SIA
Gaujas 24/35, Vangazi
Riga region
Tel: + 371 7977899
Fax: + 371 7977899
Mob: + 371 9112326

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