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Everwood is your premier source for high-quality hardwood timber. Located in Monrovia, Liberia, we are a leading timber sawmilling and logging company specializing in the harvest and export of a wide range of exquisite hardwood species. With a focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, Everwood is your trusted partner for sourcing top-tier hardwood products.

Our Hardwood Species:
At Everwood, we offer an extensive selection of hardwood species, including but not limited to:
Iroko: Renowned for its durability and attractive grain patterns.
Sapele: Highly sought after for its rich reddish-brown color and versatility.
Mahogany: A classic choice for its timeless beauty and workability.
Teak: Known for its exceptional strength and resistance to decay.
Rosewood: Admired for its dark, lustrous appearance and acoustic properties.
Padouk: Valued for its vibrant reddish-orange hue and stability.

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Email: everwoodlbr@gmail.com
Phone/whatsapp: +231775650535

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Everwood Liberia

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Deakemin Community


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Nimba County
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Established: 2023
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