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We supply with total flexibility, selling over 1 million tonnes per year.
Find out how the trees we grow end up in your home.

Beautiful, strong and renewable; wood is an extraordinary natural material with endless uses. Wood products can have a long life and are often reused or recycled again and again. When we harvest trees for wood, we plant more to ensure the forest’s lifecycle continues.

Growing and using wood helps to tackle the climate crisis. As trees grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to wood. For every one cubic metre of wood grown, roughly one tonne of carbon dioxide is taken out of the atmosphere by the tree.

Timber is also a low-carbon alternative to materials such as plastic, concrete and steel. These materials require lots of energy to be produced, emitting carbon dioxide when they are made. However, timber production and processing is highly energy efficient.

Timber is classed as either softwood or hardwood, depending on the type of tree the timber comes from. Timber from hardwoods tends to be more dense than softwoods, though there are exceptions.

Softwoods come from coniferous trees such as pine, fir, spruce and larch. These trees take around 40 years to grow before they are ready to harvest.

Hardwoods come from broadleaved trees such as oak, ash and beech. These trees take much longer to grow, up to 150 years before they are ready to harvest.

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