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The company starts its activities in Vila Maria in São Paulo. Its partners came from another company in the field. The initial plan consisted of a very old rented building. Most of the area was used for storage. The company's main activity was the sale and labor for the installation of partitions, ceilings and similar products.

Once again, there was a need to expand the physical facilities, which led the company to acquire an area of ​​an industrial district, located in Bonsucesso ¨C Guarulhos, and start building a warehouse to expand its operations.
With the new shed, one can think about improving profitability by producing part of the company's needs in panels and doors for partitions. Shortly after the occupation, the industrialization process began, whose in-house manufacturing was clearly more rewarding than buying finished products.

The initial measures of the Collor government blocked the construction market. Companies in the sector reduced the pace of activity and many closed, freeing up a lot of labor. These people needed to work and started to open micro-companies providing services. However, for this activity to work, there was a need to obtain the necessary supply of components in the market: panels, doors and structural profiles for partitions, sheets and ceiling profiles. STM detected this opportunity and decided to bet on this new performance. Thus, the company's business was redirected.

In order to have and maintain some presence in the Greater São Paulo market, it became necessary to have a warehouse in a strategic location, so a new branch was opened in Vila Maria - STM Divis¨®rias e Forros Ltda., operating in the traditional activity that was execute works, and the Guarulhos factory became STM Industrial Ltda operating in the manufacture of components for ceilings and partitions works.

At this time, we started the manufacture of HARDOOR® door leaves for Civil Construction.

The two companies with their activities began to conflict in the market, so STM Industrial Ltda. Incorporated STM Divis¨®rias e Forros Ltda.

The main construction companies signaled their concern with the quality of the products purchased. Thus, we adopted the realization in specialized and traditional laboratories, the elaboration of technical reports that allowed to demonstrate that the door leaf product HARDOOR® complied with the standards of ABNT ¨C Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.

The Civil Construction market showed very strong signs of growth and manufacturing door leaves no longer met the demand. Thus, the manufacture of natural wood jambs began, especially the Pinus type, which quickly proved to be a technically satisfactory product.

It was possible to centralize the entire operation of STM Industrial Ltda at the Guarulhos unit, thanks also to the expansion of the facilities.

STM receives its first Product Conformity Certification, from the Vanzolini Foundation, in accordance with the ABNT ¨C Brazilian Association of Technical Standards ¨C Door Standards.

The Product Conformity Certification is renewed by the Falcão Bauer Institute, which takes over the Vanzolini Foundation's product certification processes..

Once again, ensuring quality and standardization in the manufacturing process of its doors, STM receives the renewal of the Product Conformity Certificate by the Falcão Bauer Institute.

STM signs the term of adhesion to the Sectoral Program for the Quality of Wooden Doors for Buildings ¨C PSQ PME, with the entity that maintains the program, the Brazilian Association of Mechanically Processed Wood Industry ¨C ABIMCI, the certification body ABNT Certifier, and the laboratory of tests IPT ¨C Institute of Technological Research.

In recent years, despite the great difficulties that the Brazilian market has been going through, STM has advanced in new product lines, always maintaining social responsibility towards its staff and commercial respect for the commitments assumed, all built with a lot of work and polished with the association with top-tier names in the supply of inputs and services, and, finally, as a vital factor, we work with a portfolio of clients, which we are so proud to serve.

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