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Founded in December 1998, the Casmavi Group was born out of the dream of four workers who worked in the industrial district of Ipaussu. These workers, with experience already accumulated for about 15 years, each, working in a timber industry, decided to start their own business.

From there emerged the Casmavi Group, a company that has been standing out in the segment of doors, windows and wooden accessories, in the civil construction sector, to offer a differentiated service, with respect to the principle of wood drying, and the responsibility with which it treats its material press, this still combined with a process of integration and harmonization of its employees, still counting on many investments in the production area. With a staff of dozens of employees, direct and indirect in the municipality of Ipaussu, the Casmavi Group today has one of the most modern wood drying systems for its raw material, a system that is fully automated, allowing its products to be adapted to humidity according to the region to be served, thus opening up a huge range of activities in the sale of its products.

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Casmavi Group

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Estrada Municipal IPC, 570, Distrito Industrial Ipaussu - SP



Country or Areas: Brazil
Post Code: 18950-000
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(14) 3344-2377


(14) 3344-2377
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