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The company WOOD Group / R Grupa is a forestry company from Latvia, which operates in the timber industry since of 2002. Since its inception, the company continues to evolve and is now one of the strongest in the industry.

In 2013 the company's turnover was EUR 20 million.

Covered and uninterrupted forest management is one of the biggest priorities of the company. We are working to ensure that the forests grow in value and importance.

In addition to forestry, we are also active in the field of Rohholzeinkaufs in the ports of Salacgriva and Riga and in the industrial park Smarde. Recently, we are also active in the wood chipper production.

So far, the company worked together with more local customers, but today it has achieved the capacity to also pay more attention to foreign clients. Last year, export sales reached 188,500 cbm. We are constantly looking for new export markets, but already among the Scandinavian countries and Europe to our export partners. We manage successfully our forest areas, which extend to more than 5,000 hectares and also offer other forest owners professional help. We are an innovative and development-minded company that is proud of its professional and well-trained staff.

The company R Grupa is a member of the Association of independent forestry agent and in the team of the timber industry in Latvia, we are holder of FSC certificate and observe ISO 9001 standard.

Production volume 100000-500000

Forests and roundwood, coniferous logs, firewood, Cylindrical logs, peeling logs, conical round timber, saw logs construction Logs industrial logs veneer logs, veneer logs energy and firewood Pellets Briquets Charcoal briquettes, wood pellets Species European hardwood locust, () Acacia Alder (European Common Alder, Black Alder) - Alnus Glutinosa Alder (European Grey Alder) - Alnus Incana apple tree ash (brown) ash (white) ash (white) aspen (populus alba, canescens) aspen, Aspen (populus tremula) Beech birch cherry (European wild) chestnut elm (elm) eucalyptus Hornbeam Horse chestnut Linde Magnolia maple (European Common maple) maple (flamed maple) maple (Hedge maple - acer campestre) maple (Sycamore ) oak (American red origin: Europe) oak (European) oak (Turkey oak, quercus cerris) Olive pear plane (European) plum poplar poplar, black (populus nigra, deltoides) poplar, I214 clone poplar, robusta poplar, serotina (populus serotina ) Rowan walnut (European) Wild Service Tree willow Scandinavian softwood (including Baltic and Russian) larch (Larix spp) pine (Pinus sylvestris) -. Redwood Siberian fir Siberian larch Siberian pine spruce (Picea abies) - Whitewood

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WOOD Groups

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Andrejostas Street 14




Country or Areas: Latvia
Post Code: LV-1045
Established: 2005
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Jens Barth






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