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Thameswood is a supplier of lumber products in Nigeria with a focus on exports. We specialize in the supply of sawn timber, logs, exotic wood Blanks, furniture parts, musical instrument bodies/fret boards/bridges/ necks, parquet, floorboards, friezes, kitchens worktops/staves/doors, mouldings, skirting /floor edging trims, decking/plain/profiled, railway sleeps, cross members, fenders, wedges, crane mats, turning blanks, cue blanks, pen blanks, scales and door handle blanks.

We can offer (subject to availability)both air and kiln dried ,African Mahogany, Iroko, Sapele, Ebony, Blackwood, Ovangkol, Ekki/Azobe, Teak, frake, Dousie/Apa, Padouk, Bubinga, Bilinga/opepe, Tali, Okan, African Walnut, Obeche, Wenge and Zebrano and much more.

We can supply A Grade sawn African timbers to FAS, FEQ Standards, Air dried AD or Kiln dried KD. Plane all round PAR, S4S, S2S. and produced to buyer specifications.
WIDTHS: 40-500mm (widths for flooring, furniture, worktops and cabinets, general joinery, to musical instrument applications).
THICKNESS;25,32,38,40,50,65,75,90,100-500mm. (thickness for construction lumber, general joinery, furniture, flooring to musical instrument applications).
LENGTH; 240mm-6mtr (for parquet, flooring strips, long staves, boards etc).

Our Environmental Policy
Wood is recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable, non-toxic with potential to regenerate and provide an infinite supply for future generations. Thameswood Timber Products have an ethical purchasing policy ensuring that the natural environment, in particular the biodiversity and sustainable production of forests is considered of the utmost importance. Selected wood waste is segregated and re-cycled for animal bedding. We make extensive use of natural air drying techniques to minimize the energy used in processing and select carefully to customers' specifications to keep wastage of timber as low as is possible as well as avoiding the use of non-recyclable packaging material unless absolutely essential.

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