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Our company mainly design and produce wooden products. There are more than 50 major series and totally 1000-plus kinds of different products.
Main product series: wooden tablet PC case for Apple iPad, wooden mobile phone shell for Apple iPhone, bamboo keyboard, bamboo mouse, wooden bathroom accessories, bending wood clock, wooden clock, wooden U disk (flash disk), wooden tableware, wooden rocking chair, wooden dinning chair, wooden hourglass, wooden stamp, wooden bookmark, wooden child's rocking horse, wooden child's dinning chair, wooden medal, rosewood packing box , wooden card case, wooden jewel case, bending wood, wooden office supplies, wooden pen holder, wooden smoking set, wooden beach chair, wooden notes box, wooden key chain, wooden cutlery set, wooden photo frame, wooden vase, wooden incense, wooden tissue box, wooden storage box, wooden lamp, wooden commodity shelf, wooden pallet, wooden fruit tray, wooden tea set, wooden wardrobe, wooden magazine rack, wooden CD rack, wooden dresser, wooden perfume bottle cap, small and middle sized wooden furniture, wooden child's toy, wooden child furniture, wooden garden occasional furniture, wooden puzzle, wooden bracelet, wooden ring, wooden candlestick, wooden hanger, wooden laser engraving, wooden silkscreen handicraft. We can produce all above-mentioned products.
A. Bamboo tablet PC case for Apple iPad, bamboo mobile phone shell for Apple iPhone, bamboo keyboard, bamboo mouse, wooden shell for radio, wooden U disk shell, wooden clock, wooden rocking horse, wooden photo frame, wooden mouse pad, wooden ring, wooden beach chair, wooden bracelet, wooden bathroom accessories, five piece set of wooden bathroom accessories, wooden tissue box, wooden hourglass, wooden occasional furniture, wood ashtray, wooden painting frame, wooden pallet, wooden toy, wooden sofa leg, wood ware carving, wooden wall clock, wooden hammer, wooden baby chair, wooden mini furniture, wooden kitchen utensil, wooden lamp fitting, wooden furniture accessories, wooden furniture leg, wooden child's bicycle, wooden toy accessories, wooden building block, wooden turning product, wooden furniture accessories, wooden occasional furniture, wooden coffee table, all kinds of bending wood products, wooden child table, wooden jewelry cabinet, wooden furniture accessories, household bamboo product, various clock wooden frames, wooden jewelry, wooden chair, wooden dining table, wooden student chair, fine wooden base, wooden coffee table, small and middle sized wooden product, wooden 2D puzzle, bamboo cutlery, wooden comb, wooden mirror, wooden brush, wooden office supplies, small and middle size wooden furniture, wooden hanger, wooden desk clock, wooden massager, wooden dealer, wooden chip rack, wooden disk, wooden child抯 cot, wooden tea table, wooden indication hangtag, wooden handle, wooden hand shank, wooden rocking chair, wooden bathroom ware, wooden medal, wooden pen holder, wooden light-fixture, wooden hotel sauna supplies, wooden name plate, wooden drink list, wooden reception sign, wooden swab box and so on.
B. Wooden home furnishings and decorations: wooden ledge, wooden showing stand, wooden shoe rack, wooden commodity shelf, wooden magazine cabinet, wooden display stand, small wooden cabinet, wooden candle holder, wooden necklace display stand, wooden CD rack, wooden kitchen seasoning rack, wooden towel rack, wooden wine rack and so on.
C. Wooden packaging boxes: wooden tissue box, wooden card case, wooden jewel case, wooden jewelry box, wooden pen box, wooden display box, wooden essential oil box, wooden alcohol box, wooden food box, wooden gift box, wooden stationery box, wooden decorative box, wooden watch box, wooden moon cake box, wooden cigar box, wooden watch box, wooden tea box, wooden coin box, wooden cosmetic box, wooden tool box, wooden glasses case, wooden perfume box, wooden toy box, wooden soap box, wooden wine box, wooden purse box, wooden chip box, wooden key box and so on.
D. Wooden turning products: wooden bead, wooden ring, wooden cork, wooden loop, wooden ball, wooden plug, wooden hammer, wooden pole, wooden handle, baseball bat, wooden dice, wooden bottle cap, rolling stick, perfume wooden lid, wooden sofa leg, wooden hand shank, beauty bar, wooden flagpole, wooden drumstick, bamboo stick, curtain ring, wooden handle, wooden shovel, wooden spoon, bamboo and wood products, bamboo pole, bamboo cutlery, perfume bottle cap, paperweight stick, rolling pin, bamboo accessories, chapiter, wooden handle for hammer, knife and fork handle, wooden handle for fitness equipment, brush holder, wooden handle for magnifying glass, wooden lid, wooden ball, tool handle, wooden bottle cap, wooden wine bottle cap, wooden end, wooden box, toy accessories, bamboo base, high-grade wooden handle, furniture accessories, lamp fitting, wooden toy accessories, wooden turning, wooden button, bamboo button, wooden round rod, wooden chess, round stick, wooden chess pieces, wooden magazine rack, aroma lid, international chess, wooden buckle, car perfume pendant, wooden perfume bottle cap, wooden lamp fitting, wooden handle, wooden knob, wooden massager, wooden golf tee and so on.
E. Products with laser engraving LOGO: produce the LOGO in wooden products by the high-end laser equipment and draw patterns through computer. The whole mechanical production guarantees the quality of products with fast production speed to meet various requirements of customers. Meanwhile, we can also silkscreen a variety of patterns on the product and customer company LOGO.

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Xin Nuo Industry And Trading (HK) Limited

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