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Our early timber business started from the supply of teakwood material in our hometown, Pati - Central Java - Indonesia and supported by the facility of sawmill having been operating since 1994. Our early business has been developing more and more with the selling of medium teakwood material up to receive the order of door frames, doors, windows, furniture, cupboard and etc.

In conjunction with the rare supply and high price of teakwood (particularly since monetary crisis attacking Indonesia), our thinking to empower the raw supply having not been managed optimately all this time and all potential human resources (craftsmen), has been more and more developing. Farida's Art is established, therefore, to create the work of astonishing woodcarving art and lathe with teakwood material.

Products of Farida's Art are made of special teakwood raw material having been known is quality and supported by hands of our craftsmen who have different, and even very special skill (such as relief woodcarving), and therefore, it is created unique, funny, antique, exotic and special products. The special and spectacular products give special prestige for collectors and you will never worry the value decline of this woodcarving work because its raw material is rare and craftsmen are rare potential in the sector. All of these makes your collection to be more and more valueable.

Our products are very suitable to be your collection as well as souvenir and present in special and extraordinary occasions for your special/honorable people, business colleague and friends. It will be very prestigious and eternal for your special people who receive them and we believe that our products will never be behind the times.

With our hope and strong will as well all of our potency and capability, we are ready to receive and serve your order in large quantity as well as your special order. Moreover, at all times we guarantee quality of every product which we have made for your satisfaction as Businessman and or Collector of woodcarving art.

Products that we have made is about 400 types, which is divided in 11 categories:

1. Calligraphy
2. Relief
3. Table and Chair
4. Special Sculpture
5. Little Sculpture
6. Transportation and Tolls
7. Watch
8. Lamp
9. Box and Jar
10. Decoration
11. Household Appliances

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Faridas Art

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Jalan Central Patung No.99 Rt 01 Rw 04 Desa Mulyoharjo




Central Java
Country or Areas: Indonesia
Post Code: 59431
Established: 1999
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