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NR Trust Inspection is Indonesia people talent with worldwide customer for Inspection Service, Auditing Factory and Sourcing Product Indoneisa. We come from multi people original Indonesia People that familiar with Indonesia Geografic and Product Indonesia in generally.

We operation in Indonesia region only and cover all region Indonesia Island for our service. Mainly project working in Jakarta, Tangerang, Cikarang,Bekasi, Bandung, Ciamis, Cirebon, Solo, Jogja, Salatiga, Jepara, Semarang, Demak, Kudus, Klaten, Surabaya, Gresik, Pasuruan, Jombang, Palu, Demak and other city. All those city already visiting according our service.

1. Initial Production Inspection
Initial Production Inspection is one our service with base on request when the order's customer just startig and running production. The condition order's starting production in mechine stage then our team checking the flow production, material in processing, component of material and the stock material the orders customer.
It's service will helpfully when the customer not sure the order's will running well and starting with right production.

2. During Production Inspection
During Production is service our customer when the order's still running production but there is some items alread finised product. Mainly, the condition when the order's customer maximum 20 % already finished or packing then the rest still runnning production around 80 %.
During Production Inspection will helpfully the customer know the quality of production that finished 20 % and rest 80 % to check avoid some reject if any some improved. It's will helpfully to avoid missing the quality before bulk quantity finished.
3. Pre Delivery Inspection
Pre Delivery Inspection is mostly important to know the finished product for bulk production and ready to delivery shippment. The Pre Delivery Inspection done when the order's customer finished minimum 80 % from total order's customer ready to shippment and the rest processing finishing. It's view all generally the production quality before shippment and know the final quality of your order's.
Pre Delivey Inspection mainly used when the customer need to know final quality etc for their order's before shippment or loading container. The customer can decide shippment or pending according their order's in the manufacture base result Pre Delivey Inspection.

4. Survey Vendor's
Suvey vendor's is one another our service when the customer or the buyer not sure with new vendor's to build cooperation first time. It's common know that the buyer or customer meet in international exhibition, B2B internet or place in the world that not visiting yet the manufacture directly.
It's service to make sure the customer done busines with new vendor's is legaly, real manufacture, match capacity etc all condition of manufacture. It's will very usefully for the customer when choice the new vendor's with low costing. The customer no need coming to Indonesia, no need speak Indonesia and very low costing get all information the new vendor's quickly.
The Survey Vendor's Inspection is main usefully for selection the customer's to find realible vendor's without hight costing travelling Indonesia. We delivery reporting full profile the new vendor's direcly the customer desk.
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