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A company created specifically for industry.
We produce and develop industrial machines for wood

First effective and environmentally friendly protection method within wood protections
Ab WSJ Sanitation Oy has through many years development work taken forward an entirely new method in order to protect timber and other wood based products. The protection covers: mould-, rot-,wood blue stain fungi- and termite protection. The protection is poison- and odourfree protection method that is safe and safe to use through the entire process from raw material to end use. Timber and other building materials can be protected on an entire unique way in order to receive a very high quality. In that way everything from the start of the building process to the end use of for example residential building.
The company is long well-known for its unique method for mould treatment of real estate抯. Biological-treatment without tearing up constructions or without needing to stop the activity and save resources and money.

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Ab WSJ Expert Srvices Oy

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Impregnated Timber


Lassfolksv鋑en 25, FIN 68550 諮A



Country or Areas: Finland
Post Code: 68550
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D-A Jusslin






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