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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We wish to introduce our Company, Specialized Timber Products Ltd. We are a timber factory based in Ghana that specialize in Lesser used Tropical Timber.

Our production model is focused on the Lesser Used Species(Koto, Celtis, Antiaris,Yaya), we offer a wide variety of Lesser used species that serve as equivalent substitutes to Primary Species.

Using secondary species instead of primary species has the following advantages:
1- We are able to provide regular and continuous supply of timber while ensuring the sustainability of the rain forest for future generations.
2- We are able to provide substitutes very similar in characteristics and color to the Primary species at a much more competitive price while providing similar specification.

Over the years our Company has been involved in extensive research and development of hundreds of unknown timber species in order to determine their characteristics and make sure it is similar to the Primary species, then the color of the secondary specie is made equivalent to the color of the Primary species through steaming technology which changes the color of the timber throughout and not just from the surface.

We are currently offering from secondary sustainable species substitutes for the following Primary species:
- White Koto
- Koto steamed as substitute to Ramin
- Chenchen as substitute to White Sapele
- Substitute to Afromosia
- Substitute to Walnut
- Substitute to Iroko
- Substitute to Wenge

We also offer a wide variety of sawn lumber as well as finished products in the form of:
-Flooring strips
-Sauna Lathes
-Door Lippings
-Skirting boards
-Finger jointed and laminated products
-Knock down furniture components
-Kitchen cabinets

In the current international economic crisis conditions, we believe our products will provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices while ensuring the sustainability of our rain forests.

For any inquiries, products pictures or samples, do not hesitate to contact us as we look forward to interested customers.

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