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EXTREME ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.a manufacture of wood box, which is specializing in manufacturing CUSTOM MADE and ORIGINAL DESIGNED wooden boxes inclusive of, but not limited to: tea wooden boxes, wooden tea chests , wooden tea boxes, wooden chocolate boxes, wooden wine boxes, golf ball and gift wooden boxes, cigar wooden boxes, decoration boxes and custom boxes. Whether you are a wooden box wholesaler looking for a quality wooden box supplier in China, or a buyer who wants to find a packaging solution for your finest products, Extreme should be your best choice.
Our "crafted wooden boxes" are mainly fabricated of unfinished wood with good sanding. Most of these boxes are suitable for painting, wood burning and other wooden crafts.
"The elegant finished boxes series" are mainly a set of very high quality finished boxes. Especially our wooden tea boxes, wooden tea chests, wooden chocolate boxes, quality, craftsmanship and attention to details are the hallmarks for this oversized finely crafted solid wood tea chests, tea boxes, chocolate boxes. We trust we could make the finest tea wood box for your finest tea bags and leaves. You can see some sample styles on this wooden tea box, tea box and tea chest sites.They are very well built with nice finishing and quality hardwares.
Our "special items" are mainly some crates, trays and racks to meet with our customer's special needs. Some are smoothly sanded and some rough material to look more like wood.
Quality Assurance begins with quality raw materials. Our lumber, nails, glues, screens and finishes are quality products from solid and dependable suppliers. Consistency of materials is one way to assure quality in the finished product. All the materials are food safe for our boxes.

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