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Odyssey 1 LLC is an international import-export brokerage and supplier. We have the ability to source most any product being produced internationally. Over the last three years we have made strategic partnerships with registered Mills, Factories, Businesses, producers and export firms in different countries. These alliances with our counterparts allow Odyssey 1 LLC to supply directly from any of our producers, directly to our clients. Odyssey 1 LLC handles all product research, procurement, payments, shipping and other professional services which ensures our clients get the best price, product and service on their procurement needs.

Odyssey 1 LLC unique sales proposition is to focus on the growth and the needs of our clients. Our sales depend on supplying the product that our clients need to perform their business and be successful. Our focus is to fulfill these ever-changing needs and grow with our clients. We target three different types of clients, each of them is seeking an increased level of growth. Odyssey 1 LLC intentions are to help these clients achieve their desired levels of growth buy aiding. We work with them in creating a sound and reliable supply source for their products and services.

The bottom line is that we are here to help. Working with both the Buyer and the Producer on an international basis is the best way to source any product in todayŠŐ» market. We complete the process for you.

Odyssey 1 LLC's mission is to be a leader in exportation of products internationally. This will be accomplished by hard work, teamwork, and placing our clients first. Our focus is to treat each person with full respect. Seeking constant improvement and training to better server our fellow team members and most important, our clients.

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Odyssey 1 LLC

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